Southern Card Game?

Have any of y’all ever played a card game called Casino? The basic rules are two to four people can play, they’re each dealt four cards, and four cards are laid out. You can pick up cards by matching the number or face card or by building (adding). The whole deck is dealt out, four cards at a time. When they’re all out, points are determined by who got the most cards, most spades, aces, and big and little casino (10 of diamonds and 2 of spades, respectively). The full rules are here.
Anyhow, the reason for the poll is I’m wondering if this is a Southern card game. According to the web site cited above, it was popular in America as a whole. My grandmother taught all us kids, and we loved it, but when we wanted to play with someone other than family, we always had to teach it. I never have come across anyone else who knew it or even heard of it, though in graduate school I did see that Eudora Welty mentioned it in one of her novels, A Delta Wedding, I think.

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  1. Bon says:

    Hm. Never heard of it/played it. Atlanta native. Hm.

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