Library High

Today I went to the library to be trained for volunteer work. The building is incredibly run down–the carpet looks like what they pulled out of the old Cedar Shoals–and the collections are fairly old, but still, it is a library and things are in order and there are people who will help you research anything in amazing ways. The volunteer work I’ve started on is called “Adopt-a-Shelf,” and you go in about once a week and make sure the books on your shelves are in order. A dream come true for me. Oh how I wanted to commandeer one of the book trucks and roll on them like I used to in Periodicals at UGA amid the microfilm shelves. Aaaaahhh. I’ve thought about getting a job at a library, but I think the only one I would truly enjoy is the low-paying shelving job. So this way I get a taste of putting things in order and help the community at the same time. An obnoxious personality trait put to good use.
Hannah’s link to the Angel puppet is awesome. Made me think of a good Halloween costume–go as a puppet of yourself. I so miss being in Athens for Halloween. We enjoy the kids here, but it’s not the same as dressing up creatively yourself. At least here my favorite holiday isn’t considered devil worship (unlike Fort Smith, AR).
Congrats to Bryan on good news at last! Hope your job luck and Keith’s will rub off on Joe and me. Joe is almost done emptying out the training center building–lease is up at the end of this month–and still no word on where we’ll be going next. It could be as late as May before we know, which means setting up an office here for Joe. Da-da-duuun (dramatic music here).

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  1. Bon says:

    Good luck vibes coming to Joe from Nash-Vegas. 😉
    It’ll happen!

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