I’m Crazy

So I agreed to take on another editing job, one that I’ll have to mail back about the time I’m done buying a house in Dallas. I’m crazy.
Needless to say, been very busy. At least these editing jobs are pretty interesting, and the one I have before me is quite clean and straightforward, so no headache or hair pulling. The job on its way sounds interesting, a bunch of stories by different authors all about a Bruce Springsteen song I wasn’t familiar with.
The soap opera of my life has continued, but seems to be on the downswing again for a while. I watched about 10 minutes of the O.C. this week, first time I’d seen more than a commercial, and it does look like an engaging show–witty banter, star-crossed and spouse-crossed lovers. Anyway, in what I saw, a girl came to a party drunk and made a scene and a boy stole a car to impress a girl. I think I could compete, with locked doors kicked in in the middle of the night and calls of threatened suicide attempts in hotels you’re not sure what city. Ah, alcoholism. Never boring.
Bonnie, congratulations to Keith on his latest success. And to Thwok on her surgery recovery. Hope you’re feeling better. I hear that the gluten-free life is the way to go. Maybe I’ll try it one of these days, but first I have to give up my daily french toast, among other sins.
Hannah, love the photos of sunrise. The sunsets here can be quite stunning in their own way, all red and orange and pink and vibrant, but your photographs make me so homesick! Lovely.

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