Tolerable Sucky

Actually, I’m a lot calmer today. Thanks for your good wishes. Helped a lot.
Today I’ll get ready to go to Dallas, so I will be away from Spynotebook for a week. I’m looking forward to seeing the city, getting my bearings.
As for the ads, I’m amazed that “bankruptcy” didn’t trigger them like crazy. Maybe that’s just on daytime TV.
Gotta take some work on the trip with me, a book of short stories inspired by a Bruce Springsteen song called “Meeting Across the River.” For the most part the stories are pulpy, lite reading, which is a disappointment and a surprise. Who writes pulp short stories? There’s barely a market for good short stories. One of the stories in the collection is about an Arab terrorist cell trying to explode a device filled with “Ebola-Smallpox” in NYC, and it turns out (saw it well before the “surprise” ending) the terrorist running from police with the device is actually a deeply undercover agent trying to save us all, which he does. How the author got THAT plot from those lyrics, I do not know. The only tie I saw was that the biowarfare device was called “Cherry bomb” as a code, and there’s a character Cherry in the Springsteen song.
Better get back to it. Don’t know how I’ll start my day properly though without french toast. I’ve had it every morning that I’ve been in this house for the past two or three months. I make goooood french toast.

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