I mailed off my project, so now I can breathe and get a few other zillion things done. Most important: catch up on Spynotebook.
For those of you who expressed interest: Houses in Texas are big brick block monstrosities. At least the ones that will resell, which is vital to us. They must be brick and they must be at minimum 2,000 sq. ft. and they’re on tiny lots. However, we’re open minded, so we were able to settle on a few possibilities. One was this house in Flower Mound. Doesn’t look like much inside or out, but it is in a neighborhood with bicycle trails and a greenway, as well as a pond with a fountain. And the neighborhood is right across the street from a nouveaux “downtown” area. That is, they built a town square recently that is designed to look like an established downtown area, the older kind of architecture. It’s about as close as we’ll get. And it is quite charming. There’s an AMAZING restaurant there called Thai Tango. I had the red snapper with a ginger cream sauce–divine. And there’s a health club there with excellent yoga classes, according to our realtor. We also considered this house in Lantana, which is way way out, but brand new.
All of the houses we looked at, even the brand new ones, seem about ten or twenty years behind the times. The dated hunter green paint colors, and the horrible horrible horrible wallpaper borders. Popcorn ceilings. Hideous floral window treatments. However, these are all things I can easily and enjoyably remedy.
Our realtor is a really neat lady as well. She’s originally from Hungary, came here with her parents when she was twelve and had to learn the language quick. Her father had been a professor and had been kidnapped by the Russians for a long period (didn’t hear the whole story–she said read Doctor Zhivago to get an idea). She got into real estate because her parents wanted to buy a house and it was her job to figure out how to do it, so she did. Then they had friends who were also immigrants and she helped them as well. She’s lived all over, and sold real estate in several states. Mostly she sells to incredibly wealthy people, but she has been very kind to us, took us under her wing.
Joe and I went to the Dallas Zoo our last day to kind of unwind. It was a nice zoo, though of course pales in comparison to San Diego. My favorite exhibit was the lioness. She was so huge and gorgeous and alert and seemed so full of grace or spirit or something much larger than her body contained. She observed every sound, smell, movement. So glorious. Then down the way was the male lion, zonked out asleep each time we walked by, occasionally rolling over to sleep on his other side.
My favorite thing about Dallas, however, was a radio station I discovered, 95.3 the Range. It is evidently an independent country station, and they played incredible music, nothing like what qualifies as “country” on most airwaves. One song that really stuck with me was “The Road Goes on Forever” by Robert Earl Keen. Turns out Joe’s coworker Larry is a huge fan of this station and this artist and knows this artist and lots of others. He said he’d burn me a CD of good music. This is very exciting. Wonder if there’s a job in the music business for me? Even if it doesn’t pay much. Probably be smokey tho. Will research once I get there. Maybe Larry can help me get an in.

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  1. Stephanie H. says:

    I just can’t get over how much you can get for your money in Dallas. I always figured it would be more expensive than Atlanta. I guess as spread out as Atlanta is, Dallas has even more space. I can’t wait to start house hunting soon!

  2. hannah says:

    The front of that house in Flower Mound kind of reminds me of the front of mine. 🙂 The location sounds great.
    But other houses with hunter green? Wallpaper borders? Good God. Horrifying.

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