Regular Phone or Cell Phone, That Is the Question

So I’m trying to decide whether to switch over completely to a cell phone or not. If I don’t get a land line in Texas, I can’t use my ReplayTV properly. But I could get both. If I get expanded cell phone service, then people could reach me even if I go home to visit or move again, and I could get free long distance.
I have a cell phone right now but it’s just used for emergencies. I don’t even have the voicemail programmed–I haven’t even figured that out. It’s about time I catch up to the nineties at least. Anyway, how many minutes do you use per month? If I called Joe or my folks, I could use mobile-to-mobile minutes most of the time. But how much do I talk on the phone during the month, calling to make dentist appointments and putting a hold on the newspaper and answering wrong numbers? How much do y’all use? Is this enough?
Bonnie, I had trouble commenting on your blog, and I’m too tech-challenged to figure out what I should do, so here’s what I tried to post: Next time you order salad, ask them to substitute flowers for weeds. Nasturtiums and violas are pretty and tasty.

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  1. Bon says:

    Oooh… flowers! I love that idea. Thank you, Courtney.
    As for why commenting won’t work for you on my blog… you’re the third person to tell me that and I’m getting worried. Chip??
    I thought you could just do a RELOAD after signing in, but no one has confirmed whether that works.
    Hm. I guess it’s better to get comments when I visit your blog than for all of us to get zillions of comment-spam stuff. :\
    On the cell phone thingy, I know quite a few people who do the cell-only option. I’m like you with my cell phone. Never use it. Don’t do the voice mail thing. Don’t give the number out.
    So, I’m not one to advise on level-of-use issues. Can’t imagine not having TiVo and DSL, though, so that leans me to the land line. 😉 We do it with NO call waiting, which saves a bunch of money. The only “extra” we have is caller ID and anonymous call block. Our long distance is through Motion Telecom and is never more than $10/mo. no matter how much we talk (it’s like 3.9 cents/min. w/ no fee).
    Anyway, good luck.
    And thanks for the salad advice. I’m eager to try that! 😉

  2. Stephanie H. says:

    I use my cell phone for all long distance calls. Plus Alex and I can talk to each other without using minutes. Not sure that it really saves money over the land line, but I don’t think it’s more expensive either. Plus, it’s definitely convenient. I don’t think of myself as a real “cell phone” person, yet I still use about 400 minutes/month. Alex and I have 800 minutes together, and we use all of them or go slightly over every month. Not to mention the month before the wedding, when our cell phone bill was nearly $200. Egads!
    I can’t bring myself to give up the land line, however. I need it for the Replay, internet, etc., plus it scares me to rely completely on a cell phone. But I found out that you can ask for a “dial tone only” and it costs only $14.95/month (plus all the taxes and stuff). So I cut back to that.
    More info than you ever wanted!

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