Been working my tail off. Hard to do because there’s so much I want to do now that I’m here. Here’s what I’m missing:
* properly celebrating my father’s 65th birthday today
* yoga
* knitting
* shopping for interview shoes and purse
* getting pants altered
* big clambake celebration at the family farm with cousins I rarely get to see
* a desperately needed massage (which would probably be rendered unnecessary if I could go to yoga)
* cooking
* seeing everyone I want to see
* aggressively applying for jobs
* walking at the Botanical Garden
* getting my email and internet connection to work right
* TV
* my pile of Netflixes
* probably lots more that I can’t think of right now because my mind is on these manuscripts
I love editing, but this is the second book in a row that is memoirs by a person molested as a child by their professor father. Hard to read. Hard to fathom. Very sad. Clearly more common than I ever imagined.
Chip’s cable guy said you can earn a mint hooking up cable, so maybe I’ll look into that. Unless I have to go to spider-webby places. Or where palmetto bugs scurry. Ew.
While clearing out stuff my mother has stored in my old closet, I came across many interesting finds. Most intriguing so far is a very faded pinata of a napping tan man in a sombrero. I think we got it from Epcot when I was young. I’m thinking I’ll have a stereotype-bashing party sometime soon, with beating the pinata as the centerpiece. Take that, stereotype! Wow, pummelling negative generalizations with a stick showers us with candy and prizes!

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