Oh, How I Love Jesus!

I went to church today. No, really! And I didn’t burst into flames. And I liked it, except for the sitting still part and the pantyhose part, but that didn’t last for long. (I had to wear pantyhose to mask the bruises on my legs from moving stuff are that hideously scary bad.) I wore a gardenia in my hair, and the scent made me all dreamy.
I also bought myself a DVD player at K-Mart today for $30. It has some sort of special stream that I don’t know about, but as long as I can watch my Netflixes, that’s all that matters. My folks have a DVD player in the family room, but they like to watch bad TV at night and would abhor the movies I like. My mother says Daddy won’t watch anything without ninjas–that’s the litmus test–but I don’t think Daddy would watch Ran.
I had fun with Stephanie and Alex and Chip yesterday at Big City. Then with Stephanie at the amazing yarn store in Watkinsville. Sorry I missed out on other fun, particularly skating, which I LOVE (once sacraficed a front tooth to it), but I did manage to get some work done. I finished one job! One more to go and I can live again. Also, Stephanie and Alex’s house plans are incredible. I can’t say it enough. Smart and beautiful floorplan, exterior, and so many gorgeous and practical details. I’m definitely going to tap them for help when I become somehow extraordinarly rich and build my own house. Meanwhile, I’m eyeing all the adorable small older houses near Athens Regional and Normaltown. First things first though, an income.

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4 Responses to Oh, How I Love Jesus!

  1. chip woods says:

    what kind of DVD player?

  2. courtney says:

    Memorex MVD2022 Progressive Scan DVD/CD Player. It was really $39.99 but there’s a $10 rebate. Don’t know what “progressive scan” means but most advertised with that cost more. But I got this one because only $30 and conveniently located at east-side KMart.

  3. sm00bs says:

    I’m so glad you’re getting back into the swing of things now that you’re home. I wish I could do the same (if only to escape the hell that is Texas heat). B and I have contemplated a move north, but it would require him finding a job first. *sigh*I ought to get my butt to church one of these days. I’m so out of the habit (which is really a good thing, since it shouldn’t be a habit anyhow) that I simply forget when Sunday rolls around.I missed having you around at the big sale yesterday. I spent a good deal of money, and thought of you. The silky wool (or was it silky tweed?) you bought the last day at the store was on sale for either 40% or 50% off. MaryJane had some incredible prices yesterday. I could have spent much more, but I showed a little restraint (not much, just a little). I think I’m going to sign up for a class for a Christmas stocking that Trudi is having this month. I believe the class is actually over three Sundays. It’s beautiful. I’ve never made a sock before, and would like to knit something that doesn’t require a mate. This one would have me learning Latvian braids, as well (they’re wicked cool!). The blue baby blanket is all done, and now I’m starting a new one. This will be green and done up in basket weave. How’s your knitting coming along?By the way, for a nice set of knitting links, check out my Furl site. I’m slowly adding all the links from my collection so they’re organized. It hasn’t been nearly as painful as I anticipated, but Furl has a limit for how many imports can be done a day, and since I made each subsection a separate file to make organizing easier, I have to do it over the course of several days.I swear, my posts are nearly as long as my emails. I didn’t even tell you about all the fiber I received in the mail the other day or ask if you’ve gotten chickens yet… 😉

  4. Bon says:

    Church is fine and all. Good for you, for wearing flowers and smelling happy.
    Boooooo for the panty hose. Seriously. No one needs that. Ever.
    I’m so glad you’re connecting with all of my favorite people and I’m hopeful that this is all good for you (this move, everything).
    And thank you for confirming that you got the book. I was concerned. Can’t wait to get your feedback. Feel free to give me “edit-level” notes, as I’ve already found my first typo, and there’s always the fun of finding the next and next, for future editions.
    PS–If I haven’t mentioned it previously, let me tell you that I LOVE the fact that “I think you’re wrong, here” is called a QUERY in your industry. It’s so non-confrontational, yet exactly helpful!
    Enjoy the lightning bugs.

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