Yesterday I saved a dragonfly. It was buzzing upside down in the kitchen window for a while, but later it set itself upright and was desperate to get out. I slid a paper plate under it and a tupperware bowl atop it. As I went to the door, it vibrated in the enclosure between my hands. I let it go outside and it took off. I hope it will reduce the mosquito population.
Took a break from applying for jobs and knit today. I have finished the back of one of the Christmas sweaters I’m working on, started the front, but was tired of that so dug out a pattern for felted baby booties that look like bunnies. It was fun to knit something quickly–I still have a ways to go, but I’m at least halfway done with a project–exciting!
Then I took Chip out for ice cream! While sorting through some of my mother’s stuff for a garage sale, I discovered two gift certificates to the Ice Cream Club in Beechwood and figured if I didn’t use them nobody would. Yum. Still, nothing will ever compare to the gelato selection at the Central Market in Dallas. Oh how I miss that! Why did I never try the apple gelato? Well, I’ll just have to when I come back for a visit someday.

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2 Responses to Hero

  1. Stephanie H. says:

    Yum…. Gelato. Those bunny booties sure sound cute! I was just thinking about making some UGG baby booties last night. Just waiting for someone to have a baby girl!

  2. Teener says:

    Welcome Back! I’m not sure if we can make it to Chip’s party, but I do hope to see you soon.
    We may not have Central Market here (the Austin store was my fav!), but come to Atlanta and I will introduce you to Paulo and his amazing homemade gelato store in Virginia Highlands. He only uses what is in season, so I imagine that he has canteloup and peach (the bomb) flavors going right now…

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