Honeysuckle Blues

I went to the family farm today. I’m going to try and post a picture now, one I took in October.
FarmOctober 004.jpg
I picked a bunch of blueberries, maybe a gallon and a half. Japanese beetles have practically exfoliated a couple of the bushes, since they didn’t spray them this year, but I was glad to see enormous assassin bugs taking care of them–I saw one with a beetle stuck on its proboscis.
I drove home with the windows down, listening to the echo of the tree frogs, and somewhere crossing the Apalachee River, I was hit by the overwhelming smell of water and honeysuckle, and I started crying. I think I’m just lonely for romance. That scent always fills me with such longing.
My grandmother let me borrow a book I wish I’d written. It’s about Mayhayley Lancaster, a fortune teller who lived in Heard County. She was made more than locally famous by the true-tale movie Murder in Coweta County, in which she helped solve a murder. My grandparents went to see her when my grandfather took her to his hometown to meet his parents. Mayhayley told them they would marry and have four children, and they did. Later, she cured my uncle’s warts. Evidently she made a small fortune on real estate, and she was the first woman in Georgia to run for state senate.
Going to knit and then turn in. Been a long day. Looking forward to celebrating Hannah‘s birthday tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Honeysuckle Blues

  1. courtney says:

    Okay, so I managed to figure out how to post a picture. Any tips on how to size it correctly? How wide and how tall?
    Also, I don’t have the cable to load pictures from my camera to my computer, so recent pictures will have to wait, but they are coming . . .

  2. Bon says:

    You’re such an amazing writer. Really great stuff.
    The photo looks the “right” size when I view your entry in the archives (rather on the main page; where there’s that sidebar menu thingy).
    I size first in a graphics program to be sure the photos will fit in the main index page of the blog (usually about 3″ high and 2″ wide) and rename that one slightly. I upload them both, using the code for the little one on the blog, and creating a link to the larger one, if the small one is clicked.
    I think you can also do this in MT by doing “create thumbnail” when you upload the big one.
    Keep smelling the honeysuckle. Romance will come when you least expect it. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Stephanie H. says:

    I actually like the size of that photo, but Chip taught me a really easy way to do it. Try right-clicking on the file name (not while you’re blogging, but separately)and see if “resize” appears on the menu. If so, just click on the size you want and it will do it. I usually choose small. If not, Chip knows the software to download.
    The farm looks beautiful! So jealous that you have a place like that to go and hang out. Honeysuckle is such an incredible scent, isn’t it? And now I’m gonna be singing “Honeysuckle Blue” all day.

  4. carrieoke says:

    I usually size mine, at largest, to 500px wide. That’s normally a good size for me. But that’s a pretty nice picture, so I’m glad it’s big!!
    Great meeting you tonight – we surely will be getting together to knit sometime soon, and I’m definitely gonna call you. Good luck job hunting!

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