You Can’t Step in the Same Job Twice

So it turns out my old job at the UGA Press is coincidentally and conveniently opening and my former boss seems willing, even eager, to hire me again. The salary isn’t quite what I’d like, though better than when I was there before, and Stephanie won’t be there to entertain and rescue me, but it wouldn’t be a bad job really. I might even enjoy it. After all, Kristine is gone. (My friends and family will remember how I was tormented by this very unhappy and angry woman, as I took every breath to vent to them. To this day, the name Kristine is synonomous in my mind with evil bitch monster of death. More controlled and compassionate coworkers called her “the worst hiring mistake I ever made” and “someone who unwaveringly views the glass as half empty” and “the fire-breathing iguana.” The latter comment was from a woman who became a missionary.)
As for knitting, I was discouraged to find a big error in my Elsebeth Lavold book of Viking prints, especially since I now have to rip out four inches of dense knit. I found an errata page on the web site, and was amazed how long it is. Carrie kindly invited me to a knitting group, so maybe I can rip out and catch up there. I can’t wait to hang out with other knitters!
And now for something random. I want to post pictures, but still don’t have my camera cable, so here’s one we took at the San Diego Zoo last year. I’m going to take Bonnie’s advice and use the thumbnail option, so we’ll see . . .

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2 Responses to You Can’t Step in the Same Job Twice

  1. Bon says:

    I think it may have worked! Gorgeous!! Lovely!
    And cool on the job front. Keep us posted.

  2. Stephanie H. says:

    Yeah, I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that none of us can ever really leave UGA Press. That would be too funny if you had your old job. Same office? Hell, I can definitely think of worse things…

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