Okay, so you know you are in Georgia when a cockroach is so big that it wakes you from deep slumber while scurrying across your papers. EW!
I’m also buggin a bit about the job interview. I did a great job with what I had, but I kinda doubt I’ll be offered the position, but if I do, I’m really not sure whether I’d take it. Really–$20K extra a year might not be worth it. And I’m still not clear what exactly the job is.
Had lunch at Rusan’s with Stephanie and Chip–fun, but beware what you order–they bring INSANE amounts of food. Three people could have had their fill on my meal. Afterwards Stephanie and I tried to go to Cat’s Meow, but it is completely closed down and empty. Where will we shop for Rowan now (besides online)?

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  1. Bon says:

    Oh, my!!
    I remember a palmetto bug scurrying across a stack of papers in my dorm room when I was at the GHP at Valdosta State. It woke me up from a DEEP sleep!!
    Bless you for enduring the less-happy bugs while enjoying the fireflies! 😉

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