Exhilarating Weekend (N.B. Sarcastic Title)

Business first: My comcast e-mail address is about to be canceled, so from now on e-mail me at courtney at athenstown dot com.
So I have a contract on the house on Hart Avenue. It should probably close around October 10, but we’ll see, you never know what might happen. I’m tempted to go ahead and buy a fridge and mattresses and washer dryer and everything else I’ll need for my new house, but it’s too soon yet. Besides, gotta work this weekend on a freelance job. It’s pretty fun, a marketing catalog from Algonquin, about twelve short essays or interviews from their authors next season. Still, I’d rather be playing when the weather’s so inviting. I think I’ll take time tomorrow to make birdhouses, if my dad has time to help show me how to use the saw. Although he might not be the best teacher, since he cut the saw table in half by accident.
Watched Vanity Fair the other night. It didn’t seem all that great as a story–I’ve never read the book but it felt like lots was glossed over and hinted at, as I imagine was necessary–but it was sumptuous eye candy. Rich colors, pretty Reese Witherspoon in pretty costumes, unusual but captivating dance number.
I’ve been pretty stressed this week trying to stay out of Joe’s life. Very, actually. But today I wrote myself one last check to completely divide the last of our joint account, and as soon as that clears, I will give everything to his mother so she can pay his bills and move his stuff while he is away, and I will have no other ties. Except of course the small technicality of legally binding marriage, but I can’t do anything about that until December, once I’ve lived in Georgia again for six months.
I want to go see Carrie sing tonight at Farm, but I won’t go by myself. I thought I had lined up going with others, but dummy me doesn’t have their phone numbers. I can’t wait until the day I am organized again.
Does anybody know how to add links section/page to an individual Spynotebook site? Or how to change colors/appearance/etc? Maybe I can makeover my page while I wait to makeover my house. Possible themes to include in the design: lovely words, knitting, Athens, gardening, cooking, love of all art forms, wonderful friends. Hmm, what else am I about that can be depicted with clip art and icons?
My mother suggested sage green for the living room with the red fireplace, but that sounds too modest and tame for my mood now. Would robin’s-egg blue clash? A bright periwinkle? Just paint the whole room red?

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3 Responses to Exhilarating Weekend (N.B. Sarcastic Title)

  1. Stephanie H. says:

    I’ve been wanting to see Vanity Fair. Read the book last year and really enjoyed it. Long, but very entertaining once you get into it. From what I hear the movie version really glossed over Becky’s character flaws.
    I’m always for painting rooms sage green. Our whole house will probably end up that color! Sitting in my green dining room right now…
    Hope you made it to Farm!

  2. Bon says:

    Chip will be the best to lead you through blog overhaul, but what you need to know in general is this:
    Any site you love, right-click and choose “view source” to see how they did it. When you start to learn which HTML codes do what cool stuff, you’ll be able to pick and choose what you’d like to add into your page’s code.
    Stylesheets are your friends! That’s where I did most of the tweaks to my page, when I was putting it all together. The index page is mainly the code for putting blog entries into the right place, plus the links in the margins, any photos, etc. Stylesheet is for changing overall color, font, etc.
    Anyway, a blog overhaul is always fun and it’s a great way to keep busy. I printed the TXT file I created from the codes at pages I liked and the one from my own. Comparing them, side by side, helped me know what I could change to create what effect.
    Have fun! And congrats on the house!

  3. BrYan says:

    For the house, may I recommend Room Redux?
    For ideas for the blog design, may I point out this and this. The former is for WordPress, while Spynotebook is Movable Type, the latter is not specific to blogs. But they may give you some ideas.

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