Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

I’ve been a busy spy.
I went to an advisory council breakfast very early this morning, where I hid in a corner too shy to talk to anybody but work folks. But I spied a lot of philanthropists from a distance.
I have had an incredibly busy social schedule, and will for the coming few days. Let’s see, Tuesday was Trapeze with my gallies, where again I forgot to take pictures, then Five Star Day goodness. I learned I find it exceedingly difficult to hang from one knee and one hand. Two knees and no hands, okay, but not one knee, no way.
Then Wednesday at noon we had our first Press Knit Meeting (we haven’t decided on a name, but Knit Wits and Hook Worms have been suggested). Then I had supper with Chip and Susan at the Globe, where I was briefed on Operation Hideout and saw Tom Cruise kill Oprah on Susan’s blog.
Then Thursday I had lunch with Jayne at East/West–lots of yum and fun–then after work the first Off-Site Press Knit Meeting at Main Street Yarns in Watkinsville. Jo and Alison and I had a great time surrounded by gorgeous yarn and knitting and eating two-bite brownies. Jo is a terrific teacher, and Alison is a quick study. The store had a big sale, so when I bought five marked-down balls of “Chuck Berry”-colored yarn for my “sassy skirt,” I got five balls free, so perhaps that will mean double the sassy. Can’t have enough sassy in your life. Also got some lovely alpaca to make a headband, but I may need High Energy’s guidance to get started on that one. Started casting on the skirt–calls to CO 596 stitches.
This afternoon I go for the inspection on my house, to see just how bad it is. Tonight I’m meeting Alison and Sarah for drinks and music at Flicker. Saturday I think I’m going to hear a band with my knoggling gallies at Farm. Sunday is the Spelling Bee. Then the dizzy wonderfulness starts all over again!

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  1. Stephanie H. says:

    Wow. Sounds like lots of fun!

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