Running Free

My social life is crazily wonderfully busy. It’s such a happy change from almost nothing to do for five years. I remind myself of our old dog Belle, a purebred English setter who was kept in a kennel for most of her first months. When she came to us and was kept in a large fenced backyard, she ran all the time. She ran until there were deeply rutted paths cut into the yard. She ran until she became hypoglycemic and had seizures, and then after the seizures she’d bounce up and run some more.
Last night Sandy’s retirement party was so much fun. I gave a tango lesson and received a waltz lesson and then elicited a promise of bellydancing lessons from my boss. I saw Betty McDaniel, who I worked with before but has since retired. I talked to Bob Kobres a bit, who described how a robot–yes a robot–scans books from the library to put online.
While chatting with Pat and Marshal and Stacy and Alison, I decided I need to have a Before Housewarming Party and an After Housewarming Party. The first so people can see how crappy it is to start with, and I think I’ll put up paper in each room for people to give their decorating opinions. The second a real party. First I have to find out when the house will close. Sometime mid-October probably.

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    *does fingers like Mr. Burns*
    Two parties.

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