The Daring Young Woman on the Turning Trapeze

Leslie and I paired up in trapeze tonight, and she took these pictures of me. I think this is called the Omega, or it’s some semblance of it anyway. I’m hanging from one knee and one hand. Ow! I have rope burns on the backs of my knees and hands. But it was worth it for the fun spinny feeling
trapeze 002.jpg
Here I am all red faced after hanging upside down. But I did pull myself up! Semi-gracefully, at that!
trapeze 004.jpg
Carrie evidently quit class. Evidently she’d rather run a half-marathon. (?!?!) Anne Marie wasn’t there either. Both were missed. Learned that Susan, one of the teachers, perhaps owner of Canopy, is fifty-eight years old. Wow. Maybe hanging upside down is the secret to youth and health. How old do bats get?

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3 Responses to The Daring Young Woman on the Turning Trapeze

  1. M. Robert Turnage says:

    These are good pictures, but the fact you’re wearing a Teen Girl Squad T-shirt makes them GREAT PICTURES! Sometime over Thanksgiving, ask me about the 86-year-old trapeze artist who lived in a trailer park by my Grandparents.

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Sorry I missed this week…
    I’ll be there next time.
    Wow, Susan is 58?! She looks fabluous.
    As does your Omega

  3. carrieoke says:

    yeah, I think I am going to quit. My body was telling me to stop before my legs fell off. And also the half marathon training.
    but you still love me, right??!?! right?!?!!?

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