Tonight after work we Press folks met for Happy Hour at the Globe. After we consumed several drafts and potato chips covered with melted blue cheese, Marshall suggested we go to his office across the street (in the old C&S building) and ride the Segway.
Marshall watches as Pat demonstrates. Later Pat does the one-handed arabesque, but I was not quick enough with the shutter
segway 005.jpg
Essentially when you stand straight it is still. When you lean forward, it goes forward, backward, backwards. Then turn the left handle to rotate. The smiley face tells you it’s time for a ride
segway 003.jpg
We all get a ride! Notice how my reflexes get slower and slower, hence the pictures closer and closer. Here’s Stacey, our new publicity manager:
segway 007.jpg
segway 008.jpg
segway 011.jpg
segway 009.jpg
ME (or someone cleverly disguised as me but with a hideous frizzy wig)
segway 013.jpg
Afterwards some of us went on to the GA Bar and I drank club soda and we played pool. Badly. Very very badly. Then I left “early” and ran into Jayne on the way to my car. She and I are having lunch tomorrow. One of these days my busy schedule will have to clear, because I have freelance work and a house to fix and move into. Not soon though.
Okay, and a note about television. I will oh so adroitaly segue by mentioned the Segway Gob rides on Arrested Development, a show I find hysterical and that I watched last night (on my folks’ Tivo). Then was about to go upstairs but heard this familiar music, and glanced back, and it was the U.S. The Office! I adore that show! I love the BBC version too. I have a huge crush on Tim/Jim and their goofy hair and how they are in love with Dawn/Pam. And who can beat the idiot bosses? Yay for delicious TV. And delicious beer. And friends with Segways they let you ride when you are tipsy.

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3 Responses to Segway

  1. Stephanie H. says:

    Wow. I didn’t recognize a single one of those Press folks. Times, they are a changin’. Must feel like working at a whole different place!

  2. carrieoke says:

    That looks SO fun. Segways scare me a little, because I’m pretty bad at riding a bike.
    P.S. Your hair is luscious and wavy and beautiful. There is no frizz involved.

  3. Shelley Webb says:

    Hey! How’s it going? This isn’t really about your blog (even though riding the Segway looks fun!)…but I don’t have your email address and need to get in touch with you. My sister is actually with me in San Francisco, right now, and needs some lovely Courtney assistance this weekend (concerning University Press). Can you give us a call? or email? My phone number is 415-221-3875 and my email is

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