Purple, Yellow, Aqua, Light Blue, and Three More Rooms to Go

Been doing lots of painting. My bedroom is now very purple. Or actually “Dried Lavender.” I wanted it to feel like dusk in there. My office is “Greek Sea,” a beautiful teal, which looks lovely with the yellow shelves that match the “Butter” kitchen. My bathroom started out as “Ice Sculpture,” but that was way too blue for that small space, so now it is a lighter shade of the sky blue. More painting tomorrow. Not sure what the living room, dining room, and extra bedroom/sewing room will be, but I’m thinking cranberry and sage are two possibilities.
Today I overheard Lanier say there’s some sort of floor adhesive that will “fix anything but heartbreak and the crack of dawn.”
Went to the Chasteen family gathering today, and loved seeing my kinfolks and catching up a bit. I’ve decided my main New Year’s resolution will be to visit my family more. I’ve been meaning for years to visit Sarah and Brian, and I want to see Dan and Jennifer’s fixed-up house, and I would like to help Gran out at the farm, and on and on.
So I really want to go skiing. And it seems like I know a lot of people going skiing–Vail, Utah, Vermont, Tahoe. But I’m not one. I’m not good at skiing, but I love it. I really want to ski. Where there’s soft powdery snow to cushion my many (and humorous) falls. Anybody want to go with me?
Came back to Athens tonight and got to see Susan and Sean and Sara and Veronica and Chip at Chip’s house. We watched some British show that was hysterical, I think it was called Spaced. Hope to see more of that. I gave Chip a green knitted hat, so he can match his living room even more. It’s only half the Slytherin colors. Do they make silver yarn?

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