If a Colorwheel Vomited . . .

. . . its puke would look like my house. I have bright wild colors in each room. And I haven’t even moved in stuff yet. Oh well, I can always repaint everything beige if it drives me crazy. Tonight I rolled “Meadow Breeze” all over my living room, which is a sage. Bought “Raspberry” for the dining room. Kitchen is yellow with blue, purple, and teal floors. Office is dark teal with yellow shelves. Bedroom is purple. Bathroom is sky blue. Bathroom closet is lighter sky blue.
Decision has been made on countertops: Travertine! It wasn’t one of the three choices I posted, but close to the one y’all agreed on. It’s a neutral tan with neutral tan veins. I asked the guy at Lowe’s if they had a bigger sample, and they had entire countertops of it! That made that decision a heck of a lot easier. Thank you all for your advice! The house that Spynotebook built! Or designed anyway.
What remains to be done before I can comfortably move in: shower and sink and new pipe installed in bathroom (Tuesday, hopefully); tub reglazed (?); office floor final coat (tomorrow if possible, probably next week); matress delivered (Monday). I can live without a counter and kitchen sink for a little while.
Finally saw Walk the Line tonight with my friend Sarah and enjoyed it. Particularly June’s wonderful sayings, which escape me now. Was impressed as was everyone else at the likeness of voices and mannerisms. Cried a lot at the addiction scenes. Ow. Was sorry when the story was over.

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  1. Stephanie H. says:

    Uh oh. I’m afraid all of the colors that I picked are boring beige. I’ll need some bright accent pieces to make up for it.
    Sounds like you’ll be moving into your house before we’ll be in ours. SO JEALOUS!

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