Seventeen Inches!

Chip helped me buy a new computer tonight via his laptop and the wireless cloud at Hot Corner. I am excited to get a laptop. I have this idea I will write more if I can write on a computer in bed. Especially because my new heavenly mattress arrived today! And I also bought a heavenly mattress cover. I think I will make myself a quilt. Shouldn’t take long, especially with the new style with big squares. Flannel. Maybe moss greens and royal purples. Then I will NEVER get out of bed.
Went to the Manhattan to drop in on Kate and her knitting group. While there, I got some excellent dating/stalking tips. The bartender helped me with my who-to-have-a-crush-on dilemma by suggesting Bill Murray. Chip asked: Stripes Bill Murray or some other Bill Murray? No question–Lost in Translation Bill Murray.
Finished reading Kenzaburo Oe’s novel A Personal Matter. I enjoyed the darkness and the wonderful way images and themes recurred, like twisted leitmotifs. High on my to do list is to get a library card. I want to read how to do stuff, and get more novels like that one. Also, anyone know where I could take music lessons? I want to learn upright bass or maybe banjo. And Arabic. And maybe sign language.
So I forgot to mention one of the best highlights of New Year’s Eve: April showed me some clogging steps, and promised to show me more! I am SO excited about this. I remember watching girls clog in their floofy skirts at Memorial Park, and I wanted to take classes, but my mother wouldn’t let me. I took ballet instead. But now is my chance! April said the basic step is like a shuffle in tap, but you put your heel down at the end. I’ll be clogging off to Buffalo in no time!

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    I love that you are setting yourself up to never get out of bed. It may impede your clogging lessons, however.
    April can rock it cloggin’

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