Microfiction and Macromargaritas

That’s the name of our new “book” club at work. We’ll read a short story and discuss it Wednesday after work at Mexicali Grille. I think I’ll eventually start a list somewhere on the blog of the stories we read. I just read a great a great short story in the Fall 2005 Georgia Review called “Interrupting Jenny” by Anthony Farrington. I mean, if the epigraph is from Sterne’s Tristram Shandy–about digressions, no less–you know it’s gotta be good.
I kinda fell in love with a guy at the plumbing supply store. (The symbolism there is so painfully obvious.) He is very tall and has beautiful gray-blue eyes behind his glasses and is quiet and full of gravitas. And I think he likes me too, which I find ever so attractive in a man. But I am done shopping for plumbing supplies, so currently have no reason to run into him again. Unless my kitchen sink explodes in this house too–it has in the last two. Should I hope for that?

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3 Responses to Microfiction and Macromargaritas

  1. Anne Marie says:

    uh, hello…where is this plumbing store of which you speak?

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Where????? I have many friends that are either plumbers or work for plumbing supply stores. I think more than two is many also.

  3. Bon says:

    I support a “frozen pipe” scenario, should you need to create a reason for the guy to come over and “rescue” you.
    I know, so lame. But… I’m all about the romance.
    I would LOVE to be a part of a microfiction and macromargarita group! OMG, that’s like two of my favorite things (in exact perfect measurements) at once!

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