Blogging from Hart Avenue

I’m blogging from my new house! It’s a little bit painful because I think I messed up my computer monitor during the latest move–it shakes, even after de-gaussing or whatever. So this will be brief. I do want to say I received the most gorgeous scarf imaginable from my dear friend Diane. It’s kidsilk haze, a gorgeous light blue color, very very long and with tassels. I wrap it twice around my neck and it’s so diaphanous and romantic and beautiful! Pictures eventually. She also sent a picture of a stocking she knit that is amazing, handspun angora for the snowman. It should be pictured in a knitting magazine. I’m inspired to try something new! I haven’t been knitting at all lately, but I’m ready to pick up needles, perhaps with kidsilk haze, perhaps with Butterfly, which I’ve been drooling over for some time. More later when my computer’s shakes shake out.
Oh, also thanks to Chip and Beth for wireless shopping advice! Oh, and moving my sofa. And whatever else I owe them thanks for.

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