Chip Is the Best Boyfriend Ever

Okay, so before girls go crazy and put out hits on me to cut out the competition, I should clarify that Chip isn’t really my boyfriend. But he posed as my boyfriend to get me free tickets last night. He heard on 90.5 they were giving away tickets to the show at the Georgia Theatre, so he called, won the tickets, and said his girlfriend (me) would pick them up. So me and one friend got in free last night. Chip Is The Best.
So most folks bailed out of going last night, but Stacey and Emily and I braved the insane windy weather and had fun. I hadn’t been to the Georgia Theatre in probably ten years, since a barely populated Branford Marsalis show, but as I was going in, Chris, a security guard, recognized me and greeted me and proceeded to start buying Stacey and Emily shots and me bottled water. I recognized a bartender too, John, but didn’t speak to him, didn’t notice a glimmer of recognition. I recall he used to get drunk and pontificate on/yearn for the beauty of Faulkner’s words. I didn’t even get to see Packway Handle perform, as the younguns got too tired after midnight, so I drove them home. The first two bands were great though. Can’t recall the name of the first one, but I think Chip said he works with one of the members? They had a great song about wanting a woman “with a slow hand and a dirty mind.” Stacey kept screaming–audibly over the crowd and music–her desire for the mandolin player, but later discovered he had on a ring and felt betrayed and heartbroken. (I mentioned Chris was buying her shots?) Grogus played great music, a blend of Latin and jazz mostly. It was delicious. They are playing at the 40 Watt in a few weeks, so I think I’ll try to catch that show. I was annoyed I came home stinking of cigarette smoke, since people aren’t allowed to smoke inside but do anyway. I even saw a guy lighting up a bong.
Between sets, I accompanied the younguns to get hotdogs. While they waited in the wind for their delectables, I hid in the doorway of Heery’s, sheltered. A group of folks were out proselytizing and a very sweet girl named Christina invited me to her revival. When I nicely said no thank you, she tried to get me to take the paper with the info anyway. I said no again–I’d just throw it away, and that seems a waste of paper and perhaps of a soul who really could use directions to a revival. Anyway, she pressed, so I told her my beliefs in short, and she tried to convert me. There was such a sweet sadness in her eyes at my perceived lostness and unfulfilledness and emptiness. I am the opposite of those things. of course, but she couldn’t understand that. She said she would pray for me. I appreciated her concern. If I prayed, I would pray for her. I liked her very much.
Tonight I stay in my house all night for the first time!

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2 Responses to Chip Is the Best Boyfriend Ever

  1. Bon says:

    I have to agree that Chip is the best boyfriend ever. It’s really true.
    Enjoy your first overnight!
    And congrats on getting to do a GATH show for free! Very fun.

  2. chip woods says:

    I also would agree that Chip is the best boyfriend ever. If only more girls knew this.

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