Short-lived Joy

I drove back to Lawrenceville today with the trailer and brought back the headboard and footboard that wouldn’t fit in the truck bed yesterday. And my father helped me dismantle my old bed so we could set up the new bed. Only the rails I was given for the new bed don’t fit. Too big to slide in. So I can’t put my bed together. The salesman says it will be at least a week before they arrive, probably longer. They damn well better arrive too, because I am NOT driving back to Lawrenceville to correct their error. I thought I’d just move back to my folks, but I’ve already moved so much stuff here. Guess I’ll just remantle my old bed until the new one arrives. I am not happy. But at least they’re trying to fix it.

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  1. Stephanie H. says:

    Where in Lawrenceville did you get your bed? We’re going to need furniture when we move, so any recommendations you have would be much appreciated!

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