Last night I stayed up late writing. Yes, writing! It was very exhilarating at the time, but now I’m groggy and exhausted coding electronic manuscript files. May share the story here eventually if it turns out. Felt so wonderful to write again, to see connections I wasn’t aware were in my brain. I based it on a story my friend Emily told me about her days working in a video store, about a client who they dreaded because every week when he came in he would knock down most of the films in the adult section while he picked his triple-X selection, either bumping his wheelchair into the shelves or toppling boxes wtih his palsy. They dreaded his arrival each week because one of them then had to go completely redo the “Adult Films” section. It’s such a disturbing image, pitiful and disgusting and funny and sad. Fertile ground for a story.
Yesterday morning I volunteered. It turns out there are some really beautiful men who volunteer for this community. (I am so bored with my boy-craziness. But I figure it will wear off to normal levels soon. Really, I haven’t looked at other men for a decade or so, and now I am, and what a brave new world that has such creatures in it.) Stacey and Emily and I worked at Cedar Shoals moving rocks and planting bulbs and relocating bulbs. They have a pretty nice garden started there, and the students work on it. Such a nicer school now. Before we left for work we ate donuts and listened to a gospel version of “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” by a local celebrity, Chauncy something or another. He was fantastic. He changed the lyrics to “safe and secure from all alone” instead of “safe and secure from all alarms.”
Did a little work in my yard too, since I was already muddy. Dug out the plastic pots that were attached to the ground by massive shrubby weeds. I also got some progress done in my closet, cutting and laying the carpet remnant. Daddy and Lanier hope to start installing my microwave today. Getting so close to being a real, fully functional house!

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    So are you in your house?
    If so, I’m coming over to borrow a cup of sugar.
    Not really, I don’t cook. I’ll just come over and see if you have any beer in your fridge.

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