Bookplate Slogans

So we’re trying to think up a good slogan to put on bookplates that we can give to contributors, something original and brief about how great books are. So far some brilliant–but not serious–suggestions have been made:
From Jane Kobres:

People, unlike goats, can consume a book more than once.

And five from Bobby Hartridge:

Read a book for old time’s sake.
If you don’t read, the human race is doomed to digress into a
persistent vegetative state, and it will be your fault.
Shut up and read a book!
Books are like video games without graphics or a sound card.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a book actually has

I work with fun people. Any of you have any suggestions? Maybe a variation of the variation of the Budwine slogan I came up with for Chip and Nick’s Cheese Grits Cola–the Budwine slogan is “Makes you glad you’re thirsty.” C&N’sCGC’s is “Makes you wish you had four stomachs like a cow.” Maybe “Books: make you wish you had thousands of eyes, like an insect.” Uh, think I’ll work on that some. Although that might be a good fit for the dragonfly book.
By the way, some authors were here today to talk about a frog book, and they had frog sounds playing. A distressed bullfrog sounds very much like a crying human baby. Now you know.
Oh, and per Jenny’s point, I will re-re-schedule my party. I must have knitters there! Maybe February 4 or 11.

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