Re-Mark Your Calendars

So I think I’m going to postpone my housewarming party. I just don’t have time to get ready. However, you’re all welcome earlier. I think I may hold the party on my birthday, February 18, which is conveniently a Saturday this year. I should have enough time to get my kitchen ready to cook by then. Assuming counters go in before the party and the kitchen sink is installed in time, that still doesn’t leave me time to unpack all the dishes I’ll need to cook with, plus a kabillion other little things. Not that I expect the house to be perfect, but right now stuff is strewn all over since I don’t have a finished closet or kitchen and I have to make room for equipment. More info as I have it.

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  1. kittin sticks says:

    No you can’t do it on the 18th all of us runners/knitters will be in Mrytle Beach and I want to come!! Of course I know you can’t arrange your schedule around mine, and I’m sure I’ll see your cute house at some point!

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