Words of the Day

I urge everyone to use these words at least once this this weekend.

flabbergasterisk n. (flabbergast + asterisk) A punctuation mark suggested by journalists to serve as a more intense version of the exclamation point. A flabbergasterisk is represented by an exclamation point in which the period is replaced by an asterisk.
mediamorphosis n. (media + metamorphosis) Distortion or alteration of factual information by the media.
soaperatic adj. (soap + operatic) Exhibiting the characteristics of a soap opera.
soliloquacity n. (soliloquy + loquacity) A tendency to indulge in lengthy soliloquies.

From Portmeanteau Dictionary: Blend Words in the English Language, Including Trademarks and Brand Names, by Dick Thurner (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 1993).

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