More Good Stuff

Last night I was feeling kinda sorry for myself, and decided to medicate by knitting and watching a Netflix, and soon I felt so much better, because I thought, “At least, thank God, I’m not thirteen.” Of course, being thirteen was very different for me, since I was neither beautiful nor popular nor willing to follow the idiot models set by my peers. Nonetheless, it was horrible. I remember my mother trying to comfort me back then, saying that life wasn’t really so bad, that it would get better. She said if she had a chance to live life over again, she wouldn’t do it, because she wouldn’t want to live through those years again, it wasn’t worth it. Amen.
Yesterday during lunch my boss gave me and several others here a bellydancing lesson. It was so fun! And I’m a bit sore today. I can’t wait to learn more! I know I’ve mentioned this many times before, but, I work with fun people.
The Bread Baking Basics class at the Botanical Gardens is full, so I won’t be doing that tomorrow morning after all, but I will be moving stuff into my house. My counters are being set in place as we speak! I may have a kitchen sink for the weekend, but it will more likely be Monday. Still! Hooray!
I want to try and start Tubey, like Carrie’s, but I have to figure out the crochet cast on. I think I get it in theory, but when I went to crochet last night, I forgot how to hold the yarn. Alison gave me a quick tutorial this morning, so I think I can manage a chain tonight.
Also, in case I haven’t said so, I’m having an Open House Saturday, February 4. Stop by from 1 to 4. The house isn’t completely ready or up and running, but it’s close enough. Besides, when will it ever be completely ready?

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