Busy Spy

I spied lots of folks this weekend. First, I had a fabulous time at TransMet then Mercury with Anne Marie, Alison, Sean, and Jenny. Then saw Leslie and Josh at Room 13 on their second anniversary. Then was going to meet Emily with Alison for a bit at the Globe, where I spied Greg Mulkey and Brice Roberts, who I went to high school with. I don’t think I’ve seen “Mulkdog” since graduation, and I haven’t seen Brice since Tim’s funeral. Brice is now a dentist in Virginia, and Greg and his wife have a horse farm in Madison. Not what I would have guessed for either of them. They reminded me of Mr. Rowan’s “chemistry” class, where they played stickball outside in the courtyard and I played spades on the lab tables. I remember the day Mr. Rowan clogged for us. How surreal that class was. I know zero about chemistry.
Meanwhile, Emily is now my muse. She tells the most amazing stories, including the one about the hot pink singing gorilla sent to her for her thirteenth birthday who, after doing his routine, asked to use their bathroom, and he came out dressed for his next gig in hot pants and a bow tie. She told me more about working in the video store, about a coworker who seemed to have no body hair who also always wore leg warmers.
House: my counters were installed, and the sink, but the sink needs special plumber attention today, then I can actually use my kitchen! I worked on cleaning sawdust off all the cabinets–only about a third of the way done–and putting dishes and such away. I have a long way to go before I can have my party this weekend.

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