Thank Heavens for Friends

Particularly friends who you call after having two giganto margaritas at Taco Stand downtown and they convince you not to drunk-dial a boy and thank god you listen.
Also, thank you to Hannah for Monday night supper, a delight–the best pork loin ever–and to Hannah and Kate for listening and revealing most people are crazy and I shouldn’t take recent relationship mistreatment personally. Somehow it’s a relief to know it’s as hard to date girls as it is boys.
And finally, for now, thanks to writing friends who talk with you while you are clearly too drunk to bother talking to and give you ideas for your story that you don’t remember hours later when you’re able to write it down.

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2 Responses to Thank Heavens for Friends

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Everybody needs to get talked down from a drunk dial now and again.
    You’re a gem!

  2. kittin sticks says:

    I always drunk dial Anne Marie…just don’t drunk knock…

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