I Knew Blondes Have More Fun, But I Had No Idea How Much More

The gals and I hit the town last night, starting with the billiards place on Mitchell Bridge Road. It was charmingly divey, a little unnerving at times, but Jenny’s old/new friend kindly looked out for us, diplomatically dissuading deluded gents–in two languages no less.
Anne Marie
Alison does not get a picture posted because she posed like a frightening gorilla. But she was part of the fun too.
On the way to new adventures in ass-slapping, we sang Packway Handle at the top of our voices in the car. Man, those girls can sing! We ended up at 283 playing video games. We rocked at Centipede. Here’s Jenny, who found the whole experience of shooting centipede parts nervewracking.
Alison wowed us with her skill and managed to score as one of the top players, and instead of putting in her own initials, she put “ASS,” as, she explained, is her usual practice. So then Anne Marie and I earned top scores too and also signed our accomplishments similarly.
Then I got up very early this morning to go to Washington Farms with Hannah and Chip. Blackberries!!! I was exhausted, but it was wonderful to be out in the sun. There were a few Japanese beetles buzzing around, but I also saw several assassin bugs to take care of them.
Now I’m too sleepy to move, but I have a lot more to do for the cookout tonight, including bake a blackberry pie. I’m having folks over to celebrate Father’s Day a bit early–and to get my daddy to show me how to use my grill.

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3 Responses to I Knew Blondes Have More Fun, But I Had No Idea How Much More

  1. Alison says:

    I cannot believe you did not put my picture up! I posed like a frightening gorilla on purpose! 🙂

  2. kittin sticks says:

    THIS NIGHT WAS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! I went and bought the Packway Handle band CD the next day. Each time I play it I will think of the four of us singing at the top of our lungs! I think I might even have to go back to 283 to play Centipede again…it’s like riding a rollercoaster.

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