Weekend Treats

Per Hannah’s suggestion, I made a salad with blackberries and vinaigrette last night, and it was yum! The flowers are nasturtiums, edible and pretty. I added a little crumbled goat cheese too.
I also made a blackberry pie that turned out quite well. I just bought Pillsbury pie crust, rolled it into a dish, put in a mixture of 4 C blackberries, 1 C sugar, 1/4 C all-purpose flour, 1/4 tsp fresh grated lemon rind, then put another crust on top. I cut little holes out of the top with the wrong end of an icing decorating nib, then used those bits to decorate too, so it looked polka-dotty. Brushed the top with a little more butter and a little sprinkle of sugar. Turned out very well.
Then today I went to a baby shower for Bill and Jenny (Thomas) Baine in honor of the soon forthcoming Rion Baine. Finished these baby booties just in time.
Here are the proud parents. They are going to be fantastic. I’m really excited for them.
While at the shower, I saw a bunch of old friends, all of them carrying babies. It was so odd to see guys I used to see making bombs, hot-knifing hash, and beating an old car with baseball bats for the heck of it now adorned in Baby Bjorns and bouncing their tiny infants.

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3 Responses to Weekend Treats

  1. Bon says:

    Gorgeous salad! Wow! Yum!

  2. Liana says:

    Those booties are so adorable—nice job! And the salad looks pretty and delicious and summery.

  3. hannah says:

    Such a pretty salad! And the pie sounds awesome!!! I decided to freeze nearly all of the blackberries, but did them in 4 cup containers so that they’d be ready for pie or cobbler. We’ll have to do supper again when I’m back in town in July.

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