Tonight Anne Marie went with me to see Grogus play on the lawn at Ashford Manor. It was such a gorgeous night, and we had a picnic. I had chilled tomato and avocado soup, that blackberry spinach salad leftover from the cookout, and Coronas with lime. Mmmmm. We started the night eating and knitting . . .
. . . and listening to the amazing music . . .
. . . which, as the sky grew darker, progressed to dancing, first alone, then with boys who asked us to dance who were at least ten years younger than us but adorable, then with Marnie Jones. Marnie was a great friend of mine back in high school, and sadly we lost touch, but we ran into each other tonight, and it turns out that she lives down the street from me and I live in a house once owned by her grandparents. Here’s proof, at the edge of my driveway, dated 1951.
Marnie is doing great, married with a beautiful–really beautiful–little daughter. I’m looking forward to catching up with her more soon. It’s hard to believe my old drill team buddy and Horton’s Drug Store cohort has lived down the street from me for months and I had no idea. Also strange is seeing one of the band members performing, since the last time I spoke to him we were smooching in the woods at a party in high school. Also strange was spying an old friend from graduate school who once had her sister follow me to see if I was running around with her boyfriend (more like running from him). Funny little town.
I loved loved loved the show tonight, the band and the venue, and I’m all for more anytime.

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    That was the best Monday I’ve ever had 🙂

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