Things Ain’t Always as They Appear

No, I’m not naked in my MySpace picture. Although it does kinda look that way:
I’m actually wearing the strapless green dress I’ve been talking about for eons, but it’s been cropped out. I guess I need to don a sleeved shirt and try to catch myself in the camera frame again. I have to weigh my annoyance at executing that task against being perceived naked on the internet. Right now, laziness prevails.
I’ve been burning the candle both ends and the middle. Last night my gallies and I went to Farm for a late supper and stayed to hear Squat play for a while. Wanted to hear Grogus, which is made up of some of the same fellows, but they were going on much later. I’m hooked on those groups. Then Centipede at 283 was conquered–Anne Marie is a very fast study and now has the highest ASS score, something like 30K. And seems like we went somewhere else. Room 13? I was designated driver, so have no excuse for forgetting other than exhaustion.
Today got through some freelance work, showed my house to some folks for Sweet Boy (so they could see his good work), bought groceries (with every intention to cook something sometime), yoga, etc. After all that hard work, I got to enjoy a wonderful time meeting new neighbors tonight via April and Christian. Was invited to a cookout that was so fabulous it would shame Martha Stewart. I heard lenders’ perspectives of the Milford Hills scandal, learned people from up North don’t know the word “cocklebur,” and discovered I have a neighbor who makes amazing curry and once competed as a sumo wrestler in Japan. I love this town.
Then off to Little Kings to meet Jenny and Tony and Lorraine for Mandy and the Jaws of Life. Mandy sings country music like an angel, early Loretta Lynn but more soulful and deeper and more resonant. I love her. I debated what I would be willing to give up in trade for the gift to sing like that. I decided I could definitely do without my legs. And I have nice legs, y’all. And I really like to dance.

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  1. Bon says:

    THAT’s why you’re naked! You have no TIME to throw clothes on yourself!
    Glad we did the MySpace together. Interesting that we each reached the same critical mass of peer pressure within 24 hours of one another.
    Now… put some clothes on! (Or not.) *giggle*

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