My Camera Is No Good

So no decent pictures of seeing Packway Handle Band at Farm with a huge group of friends.
No decent pictures of lunch at A Taste of India today in honor of Carrie‘s birthday.
And no pictures of the Microfiction and Macromargarita club discussing Nabokov’s “A Visit to the Museum” at Taco Stand downtown.
You’ll just have to use your imagination.
I haven’t heard or read much discussion about the best local intrigue right now, the seemed Nuwaubian infiltration of the Athens-Clarke jail system and possibly sheriff’s office. The Nuwaubian cult is a black-supremacist group, and the leader is in jail for a hundred-odd years for child molestation. The “” billboard outside of the freaky Egyptianeque building on West Broad leads you to more information than you ever wanted to know. Anyway, it seems that a few deputies at the jail–besides illegally distributing Nuwaubian literature to inmates–are writing to the convicted cult leader and telling them they are working to free him:

I am one of the ones that answered the call when you suggested that brothers join law enforcement agencies. . . . I have been with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office since April of 2001. Baba, the brothers are with you. We are organizing the Supreme Grand Lodge for your return to give us proper instruction.

Whoa. And when the esteemed jailer Brett Hart began investigating this communication, he was abruptly fired by Sheriff Edwards, with no explanation. Perhaps the sheriff has a good reason, but he hasn’t shared it yet, and everything looks pretty freaky.
Speaking of, I recently watched American Movie. Entertaining, sad, funny, inspiring, weird. It’s a documentary about a guy making a short, independent horror movie, Coven (which he pronounces KO-ven). What’s amazing is this guy’s ability to persuade others to go along with him. And the incredible characters he’s surrounded by–wow. I won’t go into details, because you’d just have to see it for yourself. It’s definitely worth watching.
I also tried out Rubber Soul with Kate, a donation-based yoga studio. The class was terrific, and I intend to go to more. Plus the floor is made up of padding, so it’s really cushy. Over in the old Leathers building on Pulaski.
Will be gone this weekend too–found folks to put me up, family again. I will come home with buckets full of blueberries from the family farm. Mmmmm.

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5 Responses to My Camera Is No Good

  1. Sheni Fonler says:

    Rubber Soul is awesome. It’s become my favorite place in town to do Yoga. It took a lot of courage for him to try a donation based studio and I’m glad it’s working out. Who’s class did you go to?

  2. carrieoke says:

    Do they have beginner classes there? I really want to get better at yoga.
    and I love American Movie. LOVE IT.

  3. carrieoke says:

    P.S. Just looking at the picture from Taste of India makes me want to eat there RIGHT NOW.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    I got to see that guy speak live at the Tate Center a few years back. He was so kooky. And TALL. Like eight feet tall.
    And April looks gorgeous even in that blurry picture.

  5. kittin sticks says:

    I miss you guys so much! I love Rubber Soul yoga too!

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