Picture of Naked Ladies

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the title, I will disappoint with a picture of a flower, which I think is called a naked lady, based on conversations overheard at a Master Gardener meeting in either Fort Smith, Arkansas, or Tulare County, California, in which people were talking about flowers with no leaves but lilylike blooms. Some of these sprang up in my yard. They have a delicate sweet scent. They have just stalks, no leaves–the green in the picture is weeds.
These ladies aren’t naked (except underneath their clothes), but they are purty to look at too. And they smell nice. Leslie had some delicious sweet lotion called Stella, I think. Alison, Anne Marie, Carrie, Leslie, and I feasted at East West on salads and huge piles of dessert. They learned that, though generally a generous person, I will not share my fried chevre or my mocha cake.
Happy Birthday to the fabulous Anne Marie! That girl is so cool, she should be a science TV host or something.
I was too exhausted tonight to join proper festivities, so I stayed in and sipped chamomile tea and ate a Scharffen Berger Nibby Bar and restarted Ms. Marigold and watched Run, Lola, Run. Genius. One of my top ten favorite movies. I’ll help celebrate more tomorrow.

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