No, You Can’t Have My Autograph

Thanks to Carrie and Anne Marie, I have reclaimed my status as local celebrity. I have met two people now who have said, “Oh, I recognize you from Carrie’s/Anne Marie’s blog.” Two! That I know about. And now paparazzi are snapping our photos and posting them online at “Spotted”
(Just in case it isn’t entirely clear, the above is in a self-mocking tone. However, it’s true that Carrie and Anne Marie are too cool for school and yet advise students, take classes, and teach.)

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One Response to No, You Can’t Have My Autograph

  1. Anne Marie says:

    I love the Athens paparrazzi…Carrie is smiling SO big!
    PS Congrats on winning the Last Resort gift certificate at bingo. Let me know if you want some company when you go there, I love their cheesecake!

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