There’s a Song in My Heart

I had an amazing weekend. The Professor took me to hear three dazzling singers: Frederica von Stade and Samuel Ramey at Emory on Saturday, and Francine Reed at Eddie’s Attic on Sunday. Recordings of these singers are breathtaking, but to be in the same room with them, to actually feel their voices resonant through you, well, wow. I think my favorite lyrics would have to be “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.” Although the Devil in Faust had some mighty appealing yet horrible things to say about il mundo.
I’d post pictures, but my Internet connection at home is completely wonky, which is freaking me out because I need it desperately to finish all my freelance work, which is abundant.
I also got to see Stephanie and Alex this weekend. We brunched at Pastries A Go-Go in Decatur. Stephanie makes being pregnant look relaxing and glamorous. I didn’t get by to smell the tea olives and see the landscaping, but I hope to soon. Why oh why do I take on the misery of freelance work? Oh yeah, because I am poor. And I want to eat something other than beans.
I have knitted a few rows on a case for my new camera. If it works out, I’ll post pictures and directions. I searched for patterns online, but didn’t find any I liked. There are some cute felted ones, but I don’t want anything that bulky–that’s the reason I bought such a teeny camera. So I pulled a ball of cotton out of my stash cabinet and got started.
Next post: the mysterious and elusive yet ubiquitous ampersank.

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