Knitted Camera Case

I bought myself a new digital camera. I chose the Canon PowerShot SD630 because it is teeny and therefore easy to slip in a knitting bag or purse and keep with me at all times in order to satisfy my compulsion to take random pictures, like azaleas blooming in February
The camera screen is huge, which I love, and it’s somewhat scratch resistant, but it really needs some sort of protection if I’m going to toss it around like I expect to. The camera bags for sale were all bulky and seemed trouble to slip the camera in and out of, which defeated the purpose to me. So I decided, of course, to knit one.
I found a few patterns online, but none I fell in love with. I didn’t want to make a felted case–though there were cute–due to the thickness. I did see one drawstring style (lost the link now) that seemed a good fit for my needs, though not quite the right pattern. So I made one up loosely based on that. It was really easy, and very quick, so it might be a good project for a beginner. It also would make cute little gift bags, I think.
First I grabbed some yarn from my stash. I had a bit of Rowan Cotton Glace leftover from a failed sweater project, and it is small and durable enough, plus a pretty berry color. I then knit a swatch to see how many stitches I got per four inches on size 4 needles. I then measured the camera’s dimensions, figured how many stitches I’d need, then cast on. I think it was around 30 or 35. I could count them now but I won’t. I knit in stockinette until it was long enough to cover the length of the camera plus half of each end. Then I did a row of YO, k2tog, then a few more rows of stockinette, then bound off.
Then I sewed up the bottom and side. I used mattress stitch, but in hindsight, I wish I’d used something else along the bottom–maybe something like kitchener–for a smoother look. After it was seamed, I clumsily crocheted a chain for a drawstring, then wove it through the yarnover holes. The camera fits perfectly, though I haven’t yet figured out how to take a picture showing that.
I love it! I might eventually get a soft button or something to hold the drawstring in place, in case I get tired of having to tie it. We’ll see. The camera’s cord hangs out the top, so I can carry it that way if I like.
Now I know you are all just dying to leave comments about how very beautiful my camera case is and how very clever I am for designing it and how very grateful you are that I shared this intricate, ingenius pattern with the world, and so on and so on, so if you have any trouble leaving these comments, e-mail me. The other day I had 25,000 spam comments left in a few hours, so Chip fixed it up to keep that from happening.
And Monica Millar, if you’re out there reading, I would love to discuss buying some Pakucho from you, but couldn’t figure out how to contact you from the comment you left, so please e-mail me at courtney ampersat athenstown dot com.

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