Rockabye Pinata

Chip and I are going to throw a baby shower for our friends Stephanie and Alex. This will be a pretty unconventional baby shower. We’re basing the Mexican theme very loosely on the baby’s in utero name, Conquistador. Instead of a punch ring, we’ll have a pinata.
Scrappy said she knows how to make a pinata, so we’re going to craft one for the party. We’re not yet sure what the pinata will be, but we had fun brainstorming.
Any other ideas?

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5 Responses to Rockabye Pinata

  1. susan says:

    a baby

  2. Alison says:

    It should be a Conquistador hat! Of course!

  3. shawn says:

    I agree with Susan. I don’t see anyway you could not make a baby pinata.

  4. jenny says:

    Yeah! Sounds perfect!

  5. Cousin Sarah says:

    I know you aren’t keeping up with The Office this year but you should totally see the one where they throw Oscar a welcome back from vacation (or gaycation) party in Mexican theme and they have 2 liters of Lemonade where they put a ~ over the N to make it Mexican Lemonade and Michael tells Phyllis to go get a chihuahua. It’s pretty funny and would be good research for a Mexican themed baby shower!

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