Barn Dance

On Saturday, Alison and Mike and Sarah and Kate came over to join me and the Professor for supper, potluck style. I roasted a chicken–Stephanie’s recipe–and it was yum. Folks brought cornbread casserole, a delicious salad, pesto mashed potatoes, and pie divine.
Then Alison, Mike, the Professor, and I went to a barn dance in Colbert, a fund-raiser for a women’s build for Habitat for Humanity. It was fun. I forgot what hard work that dancing is–run around this person, run around that person, spin around, hold hands and run in a circle one way, then the other. I could barely breathe between laughing and spinning.
They had a great live band, and lots of folks willing to play. There was also a Mommy-Calling Contest, in which kids had to scream “MOMMY” as loud as they could. Mommy was played by friend and coworker David. He was stunning in this floral number.
You could also sponsor a 2×4 and then draw pictures or write good wishes on it. I wonder now why I didn’t take pictures of the artwork. Mike should be a tattoo artist. Alison likes frogs who smile. The Professor wrote nice, inspiring messages. I drew a cat making a pun on “purr” and a rainbow. It was really hard to think of something “nice” to draw. My doodling usually follows my mind into the gutter, or involves writing Pushkin’s verses in perfect Cyrillic script. I tried to draw like I did in fourth grade. Without the Smurfs.
Today I celebrated Mother’s Day with my parents and the Professor, and in the midst of good times I completely forgot to take pictures. Daddy and the Professor grilled filet mignon in my backyard while I finished up the rolls and drinks and roasted veggies. We finished with key lime pie, lots of talk, and a lawn mower tune up. A lovely day. I love my momma.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Aww! Looks like you guys had fun! Thanks for your comment; I can’t wait to hang out again!

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