Armchair Safari

If you don’t have Google Earth, download it now. It’s free. And super fun to play with. The cheapest way to travel the world. You don’t even need malaria shots!
After you find your house and do some other globe hopping, catch a satellite view of these wild animals. (Note, you will have to zoom in more.)
BUFFALOS: 4°17′21.49″ S 31°23′46.46″ E
CAMELS: 15°17′40.32″ N 20°28′47.42″ E
ELEPHANTS: 10°54′13.66″ N 19°56′06.15″ E
FLAMINGOS: 21°50′36.15″ S 35°27′00.60″ E
HIPPOS: 6°53′53.00″ S 31°11′15.40″ E
6°54′00.10″ S 31°11′11.67″ E
ORYX: 24°57′18.60″ S 15°51′30.61″ E
SEALS: 18°26′45.45″ S 12°00′44.20″ E
Thanks to the Professor for showing me this.

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