Tea Time

I enjoyed tea with kinfolks Friday at Tea Leaves and Thyme, in honor of my dear aunt Joan’s retirement and just for a chance to get together and don silly hats and eat amaretto cream and scones.
The shop also had a wide selection of antique furs, which my cousins, future cousin-in-law, and I modeled, just like in the days of modeling wigs and boas at Jack’s Junk.
Here’s my dear auntie Joan giving her teacher look. She only has to do it for a couple more weeks!
Shannon needs more amaretto cream. Stat!
The folks at the tea shop brought Joan a little chocolate mint candy in honor of her retirement.
Which in typical family fashion she divided into enough pieces for everyone at the table to enjoy a molecule. Here’s the amazing feat, displayed by Cousin Sarah, Joan’s daughter. Note Cousin Sarah’s fabulous new hairdo offset by the pimp feather hat and Mardi Gras beads. The very model of a preacher’s wife.
Sarah and Joan.
And me and my Momma.
I was laughing nonstop, mostly at Sarah and Shannon’s antics and jokes. I wish I could remember just a few of them. I recall them teasing Aunt Ann again for believing styrofoam cups are a rare find. And at one point just Sarah’s tone underscoring some absurdity set me doubled-over laughing. Like when I saw on The Simpsons that Lenny had written a series of detective stories entitled The Murderer Did It. Ouch. Laughing too hard. Ow. Can’t wait for more.

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