The Straight and Narrow and Overgrown Kind

While on a walk on “The Path” in Avondale Estates, the Professor and I spotted Queen Anne’s Lace . . .
. . . and ladybugs having sex . . .
. . . and my next car.
At least it’s probably in my price range. And it comes with a Dr Pepper bottle on the windshield. All the extras.
Actually, after seeing Cousin Sarah and Brian’s brand new gorgeous Honda Accord, for which I lusted in my heart, I went and tested an Accord myself. I heart the Accord. They even have reasonable deals right now. The longer I wait, the more they offer to knock off. Right now it’s five grand off, about 25 percent. I have to do some figuring, see what the numbers tell me. And until they lie and tell me I can have an Accord, I’ll probably keep working them.

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  1. jenny says:

    I heart my accord. They are awesome cars. Awesome.

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