Little Bunny on the Move

Want to knit this cute little bunny?
Then knit two ears, then knit a square. That’s all the knitting. Ears and a square. Then sew the square according to the magic instructions, and voila, you have a bunny! Serve with carrots and this adorable children’s book, such as Little Bunny on the Move. (Thanks, Sarah M!)
I actually started this project with angora, but it was not cooperative and my allergies flared, so I searched through my stash and was delighted to find Velvet Touch, which is so very soft and machine washable and fuzzy enough to disguise my clumsy sewing. The ears turned out a little too floppy–it was tricky to get them to stand up for the picture. I think double layers for the ears might’ve helped. I hope a certain High Energy Baby, aka the Bug, will enjoy this little lop-eared rabbit!

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2 Responses to Little Bunny on the Move

  1. Chatty Ali says:

    AWWW KYOOT BUNNIE! 🙂 great pattern!

  2. Cousin Sarah says:

    Cutey Patootey on the bunny!

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