More New York Pictures

Of course I had to knit a few stitches on my Central Park Hoodie while in Central Park.
This is one of the front sides.
Here it is again, showing the shaping of the armhole.
Joan and I rested in Central Park after our tour of the Met. We sat in the shade by the Jackie Onassis Reservoir, next to an old man whom everyone seemed to know. We noticed pictures of this man posted on a building nearby that identified him as the Mayor of Central Park.
After our rest and brush with fame, we headed toward the Staten Island Ferry, so we could see the Statue of Liberty. Here are some tall buildings along the way.
When we got on the ferry, somehow we were immediately spotted as tourists. (How could that be? We were carrying bags from the Met gift shop–don’t all New Yorkers do that all the time?) A very nice commuter named Marty McGowan approached us and pointed out the best spot on the ferry for taking pictures of the statue. He gave us a terrific tour the entire trip, pointing out the Brooklyn Bridge and where the twin towers of the World Trade Center stood (in the empty spaces pictured here, if I am matching memory and photos correctly).
We did get some decent photos of the Statue of Liberty too.
Thanks, Marty! What a nice guy.
Here’s Joan on Wall Street, leading the bullish market. She knows how to control these beasts. She was declared a hero by Jimmy Carter when, at age twelve, she saved her father from an attacking cow by jumping on its neck. I tried to get her to straddle the statue, but noooo.
We also saw the Trinity Church, which had interestingly carved gravemarkers from the 1700s. We went to Ground Zero too, but I stayed back, preferring not to face the ugliness.
I have a lot more pictures. It amazes me now how much we managed to see in five days. Stay tuned . . .

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