Pirate Bib

My cousin Becky saw the Jolly Roger I knit for the baby blanket for Tommy, adorable son of MJ, and she put in a request for her forthcoming bundle of joy.
So I looked up the skull and crossbones pattern from Moth Heaven‘s free pattern of a child’s pirate hat, and ordered some Shine Worsted from Knit Picks in ebony and cream, and got to work! Instead of just a little square, I made a bib.
For the neckband, I decided to just knit in garter then graft it to the other side. That way no risk the baby will pull off the button, no velcro to catch the yarn, no snaps to grapple with. Of course, it may be too long . . .
It needed backing to prevent baby fingers getting caught in the carried yarn, plus it was curling along the sides, so I found some red-and-white fabric, added interfacing to give it heft, and attached it to the back.
I added some decorative stitching to hold it together and give a primitive look. I used a seam ripper’s point to poke a hole in the fabric, so the yarn and needle could fit.
I put pictures of the project up on Ravelry, which is my latest obsession. As if I needed any help finding new patterns that I’m dying to knit! I am hoping to get my stash organized on it soon, because that opens a whole new world of possibilities. I heart Ravelry. Thanks Jess and Casey!
Also, I saw where my friends Anne Marie, Carrie, and Dariliee are featured in Knitscene in some of their lovely knitwear! Jodi took the pictures. She tried to get some pictures with my chickens in the background, but Corabelle and Jewel were not cooperative. There goes their chance at fame. Maybe if I knit them nice leg warmers for winter they’ll have another opportunity. Especially if they are pirate leg warmers.

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  1. Chatty Ali says:

    The bib is adorable! The backing adds to it so well, too. It looks fantastic!!!

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