Old Friends

Elissa has been in town, with her boys–great cause to celebrate and get together! She and I went out to catch up Wednesday night, and met at Taco Stand downtown, for the nostalgia. We ordered supper and margaritas and sat outside in hopes of seeing other old townies and catching up. We were pretty wrapped up in conversation so weren’t paying much attention, but were spied by Mark Woods, formerly Mark Mendenhall, Chip’s cousin. He seemed great, is a father of a little girl, named Sophia Louise if I recall correctly, and he offered to get us in free to salsa lessons. We were sorely tempted, but she had little ones at home and I am too old to handle a margarita so we called it an early night (by Athens standards).
Then Thursday morning, Jessica Ewen hosted a reunion at her lovely home. Elissa brought her little boys (Gideon and Eben), Michelle came and brought her daughter (Johanna), and Jessica introduced her new son (Ronan), and her daughter, Malia, is as adorable as ever. See!
Here’s she’s holding a spider between a sheet of paper and a cup before she releases it outside. My mom will love that picture especially. She fell madly in love with Malia when Jessica and Kurt moved back here. It’s easy to see why. Such a sweetheart, and so smart!
And here’s cutie Gideon, who very much enjoyed playing with Malia’s kitchen toys and Play-Doh and sandbox and slide. You can already see he has an insatiably curious mind. My heart melted every time he spoke. I never imagined that hearing “cooked carrots” could make me go weak in the knees.
Here are sweet baby brothers Eben (Gideon’s brother) and Ronan (Malia’s brother). They were the sweetest, most placid dolls. I got to hold Eben a good bit, and he was such a cuddlelove. And Ronan would just smile . . .
And here’s sweet Johanna, with her big brown eyes. Michelle said she is very interested in things a person can sit in right now. She tested out all the chairs and stools. Malia enjoyed playing big sister with her, sharing her jewelry and her toys.
Somehow, I don’t have pictures of the moms. You know, my dear, longtime friends. Well, their beautiful children were a distraction. I was glad to hear everyone is doing so well. Jessica was so sweet to host us. I’m so glad I’ve managed to keep up with these friends, even if only sporadically, because they remind me of who I am and have always been, and because I am inspired by the brave, honest, and noble ways they live their lives. I heart you guys! And I’m happy to babysit–anytime!

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