New (Old) Sofas

My cousin Terri called and said she was redecorating and asked would I like to have a sleeper sofa and loveseat. I said, Would I! So we coordinated schedules and now I have real, non-former-bachelor-pad furniture.
This sofa is exactly the shape and style I had in mind when I was shopping around for a sofa: cozy and camelback. It’s a hard combination to find. Plus it’s a very cozy sleeper sofa, so room for guests who can’t fit into my extra bedroom crowded with yarn and fabric and other lingering projects. I wasn’t looking for pink or flowers, but they actually go pretty well with my meadowy green wall color.
And here’s the loveseat, one I think belonged to my Big Momma (great-grandmother), but it has been covered several times since, probably every time by my dear Uncle Beck, who passed away a few years ago. Its latest incarnation is very very pink, which I’ve cut a bit by covering with an afghan crocheted by Mrs. McLure as a housewarming gift. Perfect!
And here they are together. True, the pink doesn’t harmonize with the red of the brick fireplace and the orange tint of the floor. But I’m considering painting the brick, something I’d normally never do, because painted brick must always be repainted, but there’s paint on it already and it’s not a pretty brick, so. . . . On the hearth I might lay marble tile–it wouldn’t be expensive over such a small area. And maybe a rug would cut the orange/pink a bit.
I suppose I could consider having them reupholstered, but I’m guessing it would be equivalent to the cost of new furniture, which doesn’t sound so appealing.
Other house projects wish list projects in my head at present time:
* have an entertainment center built into the nook of the living room (I’ve already gotten two estimates for this, and the custom cabinet place is significantly cheaper–and more what I want–than Lowe’s, much to my surprise)
* buy a real TV, the kind without waves, the kind that is not 15 years old, for new entertainment center
* set up a retractable fence to keep the chickens out of my newly planted bed filled with foxgloves and astilbe from Thyme after Thyme and hostas relocated from my front yard
* plant the confederate jasmine and rooted clematis on the clothesline and figure out how to keep the chickens from digging them up
* kill the billion baby oak trees and cover them with pinestraw mulch
* decorate rest of house
* get rid of junk
* knit up my stash
* clean the bathroom

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